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AI Governance Project Manager – Apply by September 30 – Future of Humanity Institute

The Centre for the Governance of AI, part of the Future of Humanity Institute, is seeking a full-time AI Governance Project Manager to become a central part of our team, contributing to strategy, operations, recruitment, and potentially research as well as policy engagement. Apply before September 30th, 1200 noon BST. 

The work may include, but is not limited to, leading on large projects such as running conferences and workshops, helping manage our research pipeline, communicating about our research to relevant stakeholders in e.g. policymaking or academia, acting as an ambassador for GovAI, handling our finances, and leading on our hiring priorities. 

It’s a challenging role in an ambitious organisation, providing the candidate with plenty of room to grow. The successful candidate will have e.g. strong project management skills, interest and ability to contribute to our research agenda, excellent communication skills, and competence in budget management. They will also need a relevant undergraduate degree and have the ability to manage academic research and contribute ideas for new research projects.

About the role

About us

GovAI, part of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, strives to help humanity capture the benefits and manage the risks of artificial intelligence. We conduct research into important and neglected issues within AI governance, drawing on Political Science, International Relations, Computer Science, Economics, Law, and Philosophy. Our research is used to advise decision-makers in private industry, civil society, and policy. 

Our work is guided by our and includes examination of how technological trends, geopolitics, and governance structures will affect the development of advanced artificial intelligence.

Our work includes:

Our full list of publications can be found

We are active in international policy circles, regularly hosting in the field, and

Recent policy engagement and events include about Covid-19 contact tracing apps, on China’s AI strategy, and a with Daron Acemoğlu, Diane Coyle, and Joseph Stiglitz on the economics of AI and COVID-19. 

GovAI is directed by . comprises an interdisciplinary team of policy experts and researchers. Our work on a wide variety of domains, including China-US relations, cybersecurity, EU policy, and forecasting of AI progress.

To learn more about us, you can listen to , read our , watch , or visit . You can also email with questions about the role. 

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