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We Might Be Getting An AR LRT Route Map Soon – All Thanks To This 24-Year-Old Malaysian – KL Foodie

Getting lost in the city is no difficult task. When figuring out which station to get off, most of us will stand amidst the crowd while staring ahead at the LRT route map for a good minute or two. Or googling it while hoping it’s a high-res picture so the station names are clear after zooming in. Well, say goodbye to all that hassle because sooner or later, you’ll have the route map (literally) in the palm of your hands!

This Malaysian Created A Virtual LRT Route Map Over MCO Period

Solving everyday problems faced by daily commuters and travellers, this augmented reality (AR) LRT map is just what we need. As seen on the video below, the entire LRT route map instantly shows up on the Touch ‘n Go card. What’s even more fascinating is that it’s created by a 24-year-old with no prior professional training in AR. Say what?!

Made an LRT map appear on my Touch N Go card in AR. Woohoo! still a bit buggy but helpful if we’re ever lost pic.twitter.com/ynZKEaA4WQ

It’s not everyday you get to create something spectacular, especially when you barely have any professional training in that field. But Emil Shafy has proven us wrong! According to The Rakyat Post, the Malaysian only had prior experience in AR during university but didn’t further explore it.

When the MCO kicked in during March, he found himself with lots of time in his hands (much like many of us) so he did something about it. Emil decided to venture into AR research on his own by completing a series of courses and tutorials. After a few roadblocks here and there, he managed to come up with the perfect feature that solves daily commuters’ problems – the AR LRT route map!

Since then, Emil has shared a short clip of it on his Twitter page, which led to it becoming viral almost instantly. Many Malaysians applauded for his smart creation but out of the many who took notice of the tweet was LRT operator – Prasarana. Just a day after his tweet went up, Prasarana’s social media team has contacted him about his work!

Alhamdulillah it’s a greenlight from Prasarana. Thank you sooo much to everyone for making this happen. It wouldn’t happen without all of you! This tweet goes out to all of you for making this a reality 🥺

— emil (@emlshfy) August 26, 2020

A quick check on the now viral tweet and there’s a new update we’re all excited about! Emil updated on the thread saying it’s a green light from the team at Prasarana. This can only mean one thing – we might be able to access the very same feature on our phones in the near future. Woohoo!

We Can’t Wait For This Feature To Official Roll Out Soon!

Say hello to the more time-efficient and hassle-free feature of having the LRT route map in the palm of our hands! Hopefully it’ll be rolled out soon. All thanks to the genius invention of Emil – we will be able to transport around the city with ease. What do you think of this future feature on our phones? Let us know in the comments below!

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